In Emmetropia full ophthalmologic contro,l along corresponding surgical treatments, are carried out to treat a variety of ophthalmological conditions

The most common eye diseases are:

Nowadays, in addition to eyeglasses and contact lenses, these conditions can be treated easily and painlessly by refractive surgery, offering lasting results.

But before undergoing a refractive surgery, it is useful to understand how the eye works.

The eye is a simple sphere, about 25 millimeters in diameter with excellent visual performance. It distinguishes colors and shapes. It works in bright or dim lighting, at far or near distances.

With our eyes we read books, we recognize people, we evaluate situations and we generally perceive our environment. It is a vital link with the world around us.

The cornea is the transparent front surface located in front of the pupil, and the retina is the photosensitive tissue at the back of the eye that connects to the brain.

The light directed towards the eye passes through the cornea and the crystalline lens that diminishes its curvature so that the light rays focus on the retina.