Knowing the Lab

Optotech is a privately-held lab, which, in collaboration with Emmetropia Mediterranean Eye Clinic, is seeking to conduct research utilizing the technique of Eye Tracking. Its goal is to provide avant-garde services of high quality, emphasizing in the Greek territory. The laboratory possesses two eye trackers; a mobile one which can be used even in outdoor conditions, and a static one, providing the ability of detailed capture of eye movements in an even greater variety of applications. Currently the lab supports research on dyslexia and other cognitive processes (e.g. reading, language processing) as well as visual search tasks.

What is Eye Tracking?

The Eye Tracking consists of the process of capturing the eye movements by using a tracker (Eye Tracker). Two of its main applications are the study of the usability of a web page on the Internet (Web Usability), as wells as the performance of an advertisement (printed or electronic).

Visual Search

We use our visual system to continuously update our information about the world around us. By looking at various objects in the environment, we acquire knowledge about the properties of the objects and their locations. One important aspect of this process is visual search-the ability to locate and identify objects in a complex, noisy environment.

Web Usability

During his/her navigation on a webpage the user confronts a great amount of information. This information could be an advertisement (on-line advertising), a picture, informational text or anything else we encounter on a webpage. The Eye Tracking technology offers the ability to analyze the user-page interaction, providing valuable information about which areas capture the sight of the user, which elements confound him and which are completely ignored.

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