R.A.D.A.R. Method

RADARMISSION Ltd™ is an eye tracking-based company founded by Dr. Ioannis Aslanides, MD, PhD, F.R.C.Ophth, MBA who is the Medical Director of Emmetropia Eye Institute, one of the top eye-surgery centers in Greece.

It specializes in applications of eye tracking technology, with a special focus on dyslexia and reading disabilities. It has pioneered eye tracking research in South Eastern Europe and holds multiple patents for both eye tracking hardware and medical software. As a leader in its field, it has conducted several research studies and trials in the field of learning difficulties and dyslexia over the last 10 years. Its current research partners include, among others, Harvard University, USA and Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. The company routinely organizes events in Europe raising awareness for dyslexia and learning difficulties and promoting a more informed stance against these disorders.

R.A.D.A.R (Rapid Assessment for Dyslexia & Abnormalities in Reading)
Building on over 30 years of experience in ophthalmology and eye tracking tech, RADARMISSION has developed the RADAR Method, an easy, fast, objective, completely non-invasive and cost-effective screening for reading difficulties, with special focus on dyslexia. RADAR, which has been developed over the last decade by a multidisciplinary team of scientists is able - in just a few minutes- to quantify the reading process and give us the exact points of difficulty. The RADAR Method is appropriate for all ages and for anyone who wants to know more about his/hers reading fluency. RADAR uses proprietary, patented software in combination with a commercial, state of the art, eye tracker to asses an individual’s reading capabilities. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes and for the first time an objective and non-invasive assessment for screening dyslexia can be done using silent reading tracked in real time.

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