The iRes ™ laser excimer is a refractive surgery platform that offers a variety of tools to the surgeon and has outstanding performance.
Its operating frequency is at 1000Hz and thanks to a patented technology it offers treatments that are fast and have no thermal effect on the surrounding tissue. The laser beam used has a Gaussian profile and a very small diameter (0.65 mm) offering extremely accurate therapies.
Thanks to its technical features, iRes ™ is capable of performing personalized refractive surgery treatments based on the preoperative measurements of the PrecisioHD ™ eye tomographer (Scheimpflug).

Clinical applications
IRes ™ offers safe treatments for refractive errors such as:

Myopia, myopic astigmatism
Hyperopia, hypermetropic astigmatism
Mixed and / or abnormal astigmatism
Incidents with complicated corneas
The iRes ™ Refractive Surgery Suite consists of the following:

Precisio - corneal mapping
Precisio provides a detailed three-dimensional mapping of the inner and outer corneal surfaces. This information is necessary for the surgeon-ophthalmologist to have an overview of the individual corneal characteristics in order to design a laser therapy that corrects not only common problems such as myopia but also take into account small individual differences of the individual eye. The accuracy of the measurements is less than one thousand millimeters (μm) and 39,000 points are analyzed on the cornea.

pMetrics - Eye pupil recording
pMetrics records the size of each pupil in different lighting conditions. In low light conditions the pupils are larger than when the surrounding lighting is intense. The advantage of pMetrics compared to other pupillometers is that it is dynamic. Other similar instruments measure the pupils’ size under two different lighting conditions by simulating night and day vision, while pMetrics measures how pupils resize in six different lighting conditions. As light conditions vary throughout the day and depending on each patient's lifestyle, we can determine what the ideal optical zone for laser treatment is.

CIPTA - personalized therapy design software
Cipta creates a personalized treatment plan for each eye based, except for any refractive error (e.g. myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism), on thePrecisio data regarding the unique shape and properties of the cornea and the pMetricsmeasurements concerning the ideal optical zone. The finalized treatment plan is then transferred to the iRES laser excimer.