Partner: Head of Oculoplastics

Athanasios Roumeliotis is an ophthalmic surgeon, specializing in plastic eyelid surgery, nerve surgery and lacrimal device and in ophthalmic oncology of the periorbital area.

He was born in Tripoli. He graduated from the high school of Filothei and studied in the Medical School of the University of Athens, from where he graduated in 1989. After completing his military service, he specialized in Ophthalmology at the Athens Anti-Cancer Hospital, Agios Savvas, while he worked as a visiting Fellow in Ophthalmology at Northwestern University, Chicago, USA with educational leave from KESY.

He then specialized in a Clinical Fellowship at the Ophthalmology Department of the University of Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States, in the field of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. During his stay, he participated in more than 800 cases of the entire range of ophthalmic plastic surgery with D.Kulwin and R.Kersten, and he worked in many cases with the famous James Augsburger, an authority in ophthalmic oncology.

Since his return in Greece, to date, he has performed thousands of surgeries in oculoplastics, focusing on plastic eyelid surgery, suture surgery and lacrimal surgery and ophthalmic oncology interventions, and his experience includes non-invasive practices of aesthetic ophthalmology such as Botox treatments and skin implants.